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3 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

my euro trip .) Interrail, september 2008

This is interRAIL picture :p

2008 september, i was on road, on a little euro trip with Engin. Our route was Istanbul - Thesalloniki - Athens - (patras-bari) - Rome - Siena - Florence - Venice - Munich - Istanbul :) the all times were magical. We have some road friends sometimes, we met again and again on trip and sometimes we were travel together.

First station "Selanik" :

Atatürk's house, you can visit and find easly, it's in consulate of "Republic of Turkey" for insulate.

and then we went to Athens by night train, and Melina took us from city center, she hosted us 3 days, 2 nights. We had enjoy with her and tasted new foods and drinks.
Acropoli and the temples and first olympic stadium... you have to see there. Why the word is "Olympiad", because in the history, the Ottoman Emperor had north part of Greece then they went down to Athens, Olympia for take there too, and a soldier of Greece or Macedonia running so fast for notify to King this situation. This is the shortly story of Olympiad name. First marathon in the world was running for the memory of that soldier in first olympic games at Olympia.
and Italy :) it's like a dream land for me. I don't know what is Engin thinking about there :p
We took a ferry for pass to Italy(bari) from Greece(patras) with our last money, because we couldn't take any cash from any bancomat cause of our turkish bank services. We were like homeless people in the ferry, wihout money, without food, but with my hopes :) because Engin was saying "dude, we need to come back to Turkey" :)))) hahahahaha :))) but i was thinking to go absolutle but i didn't know what we would do :))) and we met some Turks on ferry(in picture) and they took spaagetti to us for dinner :)) at the and we could take our money from western union...

and first staion is Rome :) all Rome is fantastic...

we tried our luck on Fontana de Trevi :)))))))

and Vatikan, you can see everything from all around the world, you can see the biggest theft of treasure in the museum and Ronesans draws, statues... of Michalengelo, Raphael...
and Siena... it's a small but magical city. it's like a cartoon :) We slept on Piazza del Campo with our road friends, actually Engin didn't sleep, he kept guard :)
after that we passed to Florence, another dream city. In a hostel the guy was asking our names for invoice and when Engin said his name the guy asked with smile: "Engine? Right?" :)))) and we all lots of lough :))

and another night we came the hostel after midnight and we were sitting at hall, then two japanies came inside (or other people of asian) and they ask for same room for night, the guy(from Bangladesh) said there is no room for you, and another little japanies girl came inside and she said "i hate them, i hate them", there was a butterfly and i rescue the girl and butterfly, both :)))))) hahahahaha :))) Engin said "it's like an anime movie" hahahahahahaha :)))) lol :))

and then we went to Venice, another fantastic land......

and our last staion was Munich but we just went to airport from train station for going to Istanbul.
p.s. if you want to ask information about interrail, you can ;)

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