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3 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

(MMO) Fraktal Rock Band

The members are: Tayfun AK (soloist), Alper Tortoç (guitar), Efe Çiçek(guitar), Efkan Efe (bass guitar), Eren Bozkurt (drums).

Fraktal Rock Band was founded end of the 2008 in Izmir office of Mechanichal Engineering Chamber and i joined the band 2009 February. After that we started to have concerts in this office building. It's center of the Izmir gulf and you can see fantastic sea view as you can see on picture a little part.

We have a new concert on 9 october 2009, same place.

I wanna share video form Fraktal Concerts...

Night view from there :)

and for listen more

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